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Monday, 12 August 2019



The ramp is an inclined platform, which is used as a connector of the lower and upper level. It is another method of providing a platform of ascent and descent between the landings or floors of a building. The ramp has a sloping surface and can be used as an alternative to stairs
What is Ramps
What is Ramps
The following are the significant characteristics and uses of a ramp:

1. The ramps are sloped usually at 1 in 10 to 1 in 15. This method of providing a means of ascent and descent needs a lot of space. 

2. The ramp floor should not be too smooth, because it may be a cause for the slippage of users. The finishing of ramp floors is usually provided with non-slippery tiles.

3. The shape of the ramp does not need to be straight. It can be of any geometric shape.

4. Ramps are mainly constructed in government buildings(such as hospitals, government office, school building, colleges, etc.) where people's movement is huge. Successfully ramps have been provided almost in all the governmental buildings at Chandigarh.
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