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Monday, 12 August 2019

Moving Stair - Escalator

Moving Stair - Escalator

The moving Stair is one type of stair which keep on moving, automatically. Users are not needed to walk in these stairs, but stairs themselves keep on moving. They are also known as escalator or moving staircase or moving stairway

Moving Stair -Escalator
The moving stairs(escalatorsare kept moving slowly by electrically rotating the drums. It is a kind of moving bridge between two successive floors. 

Its inclination with the horizontal plane should not exceed 30 degrees. Usual escalator movement speed is 45cm/sec.

 Moving stairs are usually arranged in pairs, one for movement upwards and the other for movement downwards.

 Moving stairs(escalators) are in very common use in Western countries, especially, at exist and entrances to underground railway stations. However, in India, accelerators are used mainly in the shopping mall, nursing home, hotels, and some privet office building.
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