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Saturday, 17 August 2019

20 Types of Classification of Tunnels

20 Types of Classification of Tunnels

Tunnels are generally classified on the basis of the purpose, types of material and according to their position:
Classification of Tunnels
Classification of Tunnels

A. Classification Based on The Purpose

Base on purpose tunnels are classified as:

a. Traffic Tunnels

Traffic tunnels are of following types:
  • Highway tunnels
  • Railway tunnels
  • Navigation Tunnels
  • Pedestrian tunnels
  • Subway tunnels

b. Conveyance Tunnels

Conveyance tunnels are of following types:
  • Water supply tunnels
  • Hydroelectric power tunnels
  • Sewer tunnels
  • Tunnels for intake and conduit of public utilities
  • Transporting tunnels in industrial plant

B. Classification Based on Type of Material

Based on the type of material through which they pass, tunnels are classified as:
  • Tunnels in hard rock
  • Tunnels in soft rock
  • Tunnels in loose sand
  • Tunnels in quicksand
  • Open-cut tunnels
  • Tunnels in the river bed

C. Classification based on position or alignment

Based on position or alignment, tunnels are classified as:
  • Spiral tunnels
  • Saddle and base tunnels
  • Off-spur tunnels
  • Slope tunnels
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