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Monday, July 22, 2019

6 Purposes of Soil Exploration

6 Purposes of Soil Exploration

Soil exploration is a very important phase in the development of any structure. Although it costs a little more, but it's favourable, because it clears all doubts about the behaviour of the foundation.
Purpose of Soil Exploration
Purpose of Soil Exploration
Following are the 6 purposes of soil exploration or site investigation:
1. To determine the proper safe bearing capacity of the underlying soil.

2. To determine how deep the foundation should be taken.

3. To find out the depth of the underground water table and determine the ways to solve the problem due to groundwater if needed. 

4. To select the safe and most profitable type of foundation.

5. Sit investigation or say soil exploration helps to overcome further any difficulties arise during construction work.

6. Make allowance for possible settlement of foundation.
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