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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Hydration of Cement - Civilnoteppt

Hydration of Cement

The chemical reaction between the cement and water is called hydration of cement. When cement is mixed with water, the chemical reaction between its major compounds i.e C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF and water takes place. 

During this chemical reaction new compound of hydrated calcium silicate(C3S2H3), hydrated calcium aluminate(C3AH6) and calcium hydroxide{Ca(OH)2} are formed. 

Chemical Reaction During Hydration Of Cement

Following chemical reaction take place with the cement compound and water during cement hydration:
C3S + H ⇾ C3S2H3 + Ca(OH) 
C2S + H ⇾ C3S2H3 + Ca(OH) 
C3A + H  C3AH6 + H
C4AF + H  C3AH6 + CFH
C = CaO
S = SiO2 
A = Al2O3
F = Fe2O3
H = H2O

The crystals of various resulting compounds form an interlocking random three-dimensional network. This network gradually fills the space originally occupied by the water, resulting in the development of strength.
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