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Friday, 26 October 2018

Effects of Creep of Rails

Effects of Creep of Rails

The common effects of creep, are the following
Effects of Creep of Rails
1. Sleepers move out of position, This affects the gauge and alignment of track .

2. The surface of the track gets disturbed. This results in an uncomfortable riding.

3. At some places, excessive 
stresses may be developed in fish plates and bolts due to creep. This results in breaking the bolts. The rails are also battered at ends.

4. At some places, joints are jammed. This prevents required expansion of rails .

5. The points and crossings get disturbed and the movement of switches becomes difficult.

6. If any rail is removed from the track for any purpose, it becomes difficult to fix it again at the proper position because the gap of this rail becomes either too short or too long due to creep.

7. The ballast is forced out of place.

8. Besides these effects, smashing of fish-plates and fish-bolts, bending of bars, kinks at rail joints are common effects of creep.

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