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Advantages And Disadvantages of Metal Sleepers

Advantages And Disadvantages of Metal Sleepers

Metal sleepers

Metal sleepers are either of steel or cast iron.Cast iron sleepers are widely used than steel sleepers ,because cast iron is less susceptible to corrosion.

Due to the growing scarcity of wooden sleepers,their short life,metal sleepers are now being widely used in India.

Advantages of Metal Sleepers

Following are the advantages of metal sleepers
1. Metal sleepers are uniform in strength and durability.
2. In metal sleepers,the performance of fittings is better and hence lesser creep occurs .
3. They are economical as life is longer and maintenance is easier.
4. Gauge can be easily adjusted and maintained in case of metal sleepers.
5. For metal sleepers ,frequent renewal is not required.
6. They have good scrap value.
7. They are not susceptible to fire and vermin attack.

Disadvantages of Metal Sleepers

Following are the disadvantages of metal sleepers
1. More ballast is required than other types of sleepers.
2. These sleepers require more number of fittings which causes difficulties in maintenance.
3. These sleepers are liable to rusting /corrosion.
4. These sleepers are not suitable for track circuiting .
5. Metal sleepers are unsuitable for bridges ,level crossings,points and crossings etc.
6. These sleepers are only suitable for stone ballast.

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