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Monday, 3 September 2018

Separate Sewer System And Their Advantages & Disadvantages

In this system two sets of sewers are laid . One is used for carrying sewage and the other is used for carrying storm water . The sewage is carried to the treatment plant and finally disposed off after treatment. The storm water is directly discharged into the river or stream.

Favourable For Separate Sewer System

The separate sewer system is favoured under the following condition:
1. If the area is flat.
2. When the rainfall is uneven or it is heavy for a short duration.
3. When it is necessary to pump the sanitary sewage.
4. If the area possesses steep slope.
5. If sewer are to be laid through hard rocky soil.
6. If sewers are to be laid before the area is developed.
7. If it is not possible to lay sewers at suitable gradients.

Advantages of separated sewer system

Following are the advantages of separate sewer system
1. The load on treatment unit becomes less.
2. The storm water is not unnecessarily polluted.
3. The sewers are small in size.
4. The storm water can be discharged into natural streams without any treatment.
5. This system proves to be economical when pumping is required for the lifting of sewage.

Disadvantages of separated Sewer system

Following are the disadvantages of separated sewer system
1. The cleaning of sewers is difficult as they are of small in size.
2. The maintenance cost is high.
3. The self cleaning velocity is not easily achieved.

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