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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Kerb or Curb - Highway Engineering

About of kerb or Curb

Kerb is a component of a city road.
A kerb (also termed as a curb)is a vertical or sloping member provided along the edge of a pavement or Shoulder to give strength and protect the edge of the pavement. It Indicates the boundary between the pavement and shoulder or sometimes island or footpath or car parking space.
kerb is generally constructed of cut stone or cement concrete slabs.

Types of kerb or Curb

The kerbs are usually divided into three groups based on their function.
i) Low or mountable kerb.
ii) Semi barrier type kerb. 
iii) Barrier type kerb.

The kerb and the road surface near the edge together from a side channel which carries rainwater that comes from the road surface.
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