Sunday, 5 August 2018

What is Degree Of Compaction,Optimum Moisture Content & Compacting Effort -Soil

Degree Of Compaction

The ratio of the field dry density (determined by core cutter or any other method )to the maximum dry density determined in the laboratory (by proctor apparatus) is Called degree of saturation.

Degree of compaction = Field dry density / maximum dry density determined in laboratory. 
For non-cohesive soil it is some times called density index.

Optimum Moisture Content

The moisture content of soil sample at which is certain amount of compaction  gives maximum dry density is known as optimum moisture content.

Maximum Dry Density 

It is the dry density of soil sample at optimum moisture content.

Compacting Effort

In compaction process the energy applied per unit of soil is called compacting effort.The compacting effort to the soil in the field is imparted by mechanical rollers. the magnitude of compacting effort plays an important role in the compaction process .

An increase in compacting effort result in an increase in the maximum dry density and a corresponding decrease in the optimum moisture content.