Monday, 30 July 2018

5 Methods Which Adopted To Maintain The Fertility of A Soil

5 Methods Adopted to Maintain The Fertility of a Soil

5 Methods Which Adopted To Maintain The Fertility of A Soil
The various strategies adopted to hold the fertility of a soil are as follows:

1. Mixed Cropping

Mixed Cropping means that two or more crops are cultivated together in the same field during the same crop season. For example, wheat and mustard are cultivated together and they grow simultaneously on the same ground. In mixed cropping, the ideal utilization of the nutrients present in the soil is made.

2. Crop Rotation

Crop rotation refers to the cultivation of different crops each year in the same field.such as, if wheat is cultivated for this running year on a certain land, the next year, the land will be cultivated in another crop instead of wheat. 
If the same crop is repeatedly cultivated in the same field As a result, the fertility strength of the land is reduced, because for the cultivation of the same nutrients consumed by soil every year.

In the other hand, If different crops are cultivated in the same field each year ,then since different crops require different nutrients and in different proportions a balanced utilization of the nutrients results and the soil does not become deficient in particular type of nutrients.

3. Deep Taproot Plants

Different crops have different depths of the root zone. Thus by combining shallow rooted crops and deep rooted crops in the rotation of crops the ideal utilization of the nutrients available in the soil is made.

4. Applying of  fertilizer

If there is deficient in some nutrients in the soil, then it will need to increase the nutrient of the soil by applying fertilizer to the soil.Hence,the fertility of the soil will be improved.

5. Keeping the land fallow

If the land is kept fallow(If some land is left empty without cultivation) then the soil of that land is allowed to recover their natural nutrient capacity.