Saturday, 28 July 2018

Methods and Facilities of Providing Drainage

What is Drainage

The process of removing excess water from the under ground soil mass is called drainage.

Facilities of Providing Drainage

For the construction and operation of a foundation work,drainage facilitates the following:
1) It intercepts the seepage flow.
2)It lowers down the ground water table.
3)It gives dry working condition.
4)It increases the effective stress and thereby helps to improve the shear strength of soil mass.
5)It increases the stability of excavated slopes.
6)It quickens the process of consolidation.
7) It reduces the lateral stresses on sheeting and bracing.

Methods of Drainage

The following methods are adopted for drainage of excess water from the under ground soil mass:
a)Slump and ditches.
b)Sheeting and open pumping.
c)Well point system.
d)Deep well system.
e)Vacuum dewatering system.
f)Electro-osmosis system.
g)By providing sand drain.
h)By the sumps in the well.
i)By side drain.