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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Final Location And Detailed Survey ||Highway Engineering||

The highway survey can be completed in four Stage(map study, reconnaissance survey, preliminary survey, final location and detailed survey), the 4th stage is known as Final Location And Detailed Survey.

Final Location And Detailed Survey

In this survey, the centre line of the route finally recommended after the preliminary survey, is first located on the ground. Then detailed survey is carried out for collecting the information necessary for the preparation of plans and construction details for the highway project.
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Steps in Final Location and Detail Survey

It is conducted under the following steps:
The centre line of the proposed alignment is transferred on the ground by with the help of transit theodolite. 

2) Leveling is carried out for preparing long section and cross section of the proposed road. 

3) All topographical details such as property lines, building, rail and road intersections, water sources etc, and adequate hydraulic data are collected.

4) A detailed soil survey is carried out to know the nature of sub-soil, surface drainage requirements and to decide pavement type and its thickness. 

The data collected during the above steps should be sufficient and complete for preparing detailed plans and estimates of the road project.