Tuesday, 17 July 2018

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Reconnaissance Survey

Definition: The general examination of fairly broad stretch of land along the proposed alternative routes marked on the map is called reconnaissance survey.

About Reconnaissance Survey 

It is rapid and rough survey of the area lying between the terminal stations of proposed alignment.Only very simple instrument like abney level,tangent clinometer etc. are used by the survey parts to collect additional details rapidly.All relevant details not available in the map are collected and noted down.After study of the details collected during the reconnaissance, a few alternate alignment may be chosen for further study.

Some of the details to be collected during reconnaissance are given below : 

i) Valleys, ponds, lakes, marshy land, ridge, hills permanent structures and other obstructions along the route which are not available in the map. 

ii) Number and kind of cross drainage structures, most extreme flood level and normal ground water level along the probable routes.

iii) Approximate values of gradient, length of gradients and radius of curves of alternate alignments. 

iv) Soil type along the routes. 

v) Sources of construction materials. From the details collected during the reconnaissance, the alignment proposed after study may be altered or even changed completely.

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