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Monday, 16 July 2018

10 types of Classification of Roads in India(Urban and Non-Urban Road)||Highway Engineering||

10 types of Classification of Roads in India

Indian road is classified as a rural(non-urban) and urban road, they are further classified as a national highway, state highway, expressway, village road, etc. following 10 types of road are described below:

Classification of Rural(Non-Urban ) Roads

The road which is located in the non-urban areas connect cities & towns across the country are called rural roads or non-urban roads. This classification also is known as IRC classification of roads. In India, Non-urban roads are classified into five categories as follows. 

1) National Highway(N.H)

The national highway is the main roads running through the length and breadth of the country. They connect capitals of states, ports, large towns, industrial centers, and foreign highways.
National Highway -classification of roads
National Highway
Example: N.H-34, N.H-31 .

2) State Highways (S.H)

These roads are the main arteries of traffic within a state. They connect important cities and district headquarters within the state. They are also known as Provincial Highways. 
Example: S.H-7 

State Highway(S.H)
State Highway

3) Major District Roads (M.D.R)

The important roads within a district serving area of production and markets and connecting those with each other or with main highways are known as Major District Roads. 
types of road -Major District Road
Major District Road

4) Other District Roads (O.D.R)

The roads serving rural areas of production and connecting them with an outlet to market centers, taluk headquarters, block headquarters or other main roads are called Other District Roads. 

5) Village Roads

The roads connecting villages or groups of villages with each other or with the nearest road of a higher category are known as village roads. 
Classification of Road in India
Classification of Road in India -Village Road

Classification of Urban Roads

The road systems within urban areas are classified as urban roads. In India, urban roads are classified into the following categories: 

1) Expressways

The portion of the roadway of an urban road reserved for use only by high speed or power-driven vehicles is called Expressway or motorway or superhighway. 
Classification of road- Expressway
Classification of Road in India- Expressway

2) Arterial  Roads

These are streets primarily for the high traffic on a continuous route. Arterials have a higher level of traffic mobility. 
Arterial Roads
Arterial Roads

3) Sub-arterial Roads

These roads serve the same purposes as an arterial road but have a lower level of traffic than the arterial roads.
Sub-arterial Road
Sub-arterial Road

4) Collector Streets

Collector Streets provide access to arterial streets and they collect & distribute from and to local streets.

5) Local Streets

Local Streets provide access to adjoining property.
Local Street
Local Street
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