Saturday, 14 July 2018

Causes of Planting of Tree on Road Sides and Method of Care of Trees-Highway Engineering

Causes of Planting of Trees on Road Side

Planting of trees on road sides is called road arboriculture. It is one of the important aspects in road side development.It serves the following purpose(Benefits of planting of trees on road side):

1.It provides attractive landscape of road sides.
2.It provides shed to the road users.
3.It prevents the soil erosion from the road side.
4.It intercepts the annoying sound waves and fumes from road vehicles.

In urban area,the side planting is mainly for the beauty and therefore,ornamental and flowering variety are generally preferred.On wide urban roads,the planting of shrubs is done on the medians and trees are planted on road sides.Wide crowned trees on road sides are generally not preferred.

Method of Care of Tree on Road Side

After planting of trees on road sides,following operations are carried out on trees for their care throughout the life span:

1.Pruning & defrocking:

Pruning is required for plants after they are placed in position .This process helps them to be denser and growing straight.It is done in cold weather only with the help of sharp knife.


Lopping is done to drain the tree to develop a certain shape during its growth .In this process extra branches of tree are removed which otherwise interfere with traffic.


Felling is a process of removing the over matured or closely spaced trees.

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