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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Sewage Pumping Station,Location & Component Parts

The building where pumps and other accessories are installed for lifting sewage is called a sewage pumping station.

                  The pumping station should preferably located near a natural disposal unit such as a stream, a river etc. But at the same time, the site should be such that it is not liable to get flooded with river water or seepage from the ground. 

Component Parts: 
                               A typical sewage pumping station has the following major components: 
1) Grit channel or Detritus pit .
2) Coarse and fine screens .
3) Sumps or Wet well .
4) Dry Well or Pump room .
5) Motor room .
6) Inlet and Rising main to outlet.
7)Emergency over flow exit pipe .
8) Other accessories such as starters, valves, flow recorders etc. installed in motor room .
8) Ventilation arrangements.

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