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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Quality Control of Concrete And Their Purpose

Quality control

Concrete is generally produced in batches at the site with the locally available materials of variable characteristics. This results in a variation of strength from batch to batch also with in the batch.The factor Controlling this difference for concrete of a given level of strength is called the quality control.

In other Words quality control is the control of variation in the properties of the mix ingredients and control of accuracy of all those operations Which affect the strength or consistency of concrete. 
Thus quality control is a production tool to assure that all aspects of materials equipment's and workmanship are looked after

Purpose of quality control

Quality control is adopted to achieve the following purposes:
1) To reduces the variation in strength and consistency of a concrete produces in different batches.
2)To ensures the production of uniform material having desirable characteristics.
3) To ensure desirable quality at every stages of work.
4) To reduce the maintenance cost.
5) To expedite the work .