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What is Polymer Concrete And Their types & Uses

What is Polymer Concrete

The conventional concrete is porous due to air voids ,water voids or due to the inherent porosity of gel structure itself.On account of the porosity, the strength of concrete is naturally reduced.
Polymer Concrete
The process like vibration, pressure application etc. is generally adopted to reduce porosity, But none of these methods could really help to reduce the water voids and the inherent porosity of gel.

The impregnation of monomer and subsequent polymerization is the latest technique adopted to reduce the inherent porosity of the concrete. Such type of concrete is known as polymer concrete

Types of Polymer Concrete

Four types of polymer concrete materials are being developed presently. They are
) Polymer Impregnated concrete (PIC).

b) Polymer Cement Concrete (PCC) or Polymer Modified Concrete.
c) Polymer Concrete (PO).
d) Partially Impregnated and Surface Coated Polymer Concrete.

a)  Polymer Impregnated Concrete 

Polymer Impregnated Concrete is nothing but conventional concrete, impregnated by a monomer system which is subsequently polymerized. The commonly used monomers are Methylmethacrylate (MMA), styrene etc.

Use of Polymer Impregnated Concrete

The polymer impregnated concrete is found suitable in the following areas of application:
1)Pre-fabricated structural elements.
) Pre-stressed concrete.
Marine works.
4)Desalination plants.
) Nuclear Power Plants.
)Sewage works.
) Water proofing structures.8) industrial application.

b) Polymer cement concrete 

Polymer cement concrete is made by mixing cement, aggregates, water and monomer. Such plastic mixture is cast in moulds, cured, dried and polymerized. The commonly used monomers are Polyester- styrene, Epoxy-styrene and Furans etc. This concrete is also known as Polymer modified concrete

Use of Polymer Cement Concrete or Polymer Modified Concrete

The polymer cement concrete is found suitable in the following areas of application:
1) Resurfacing of bridge decks.

2) Industrial flooring.
3) Food processing factories.
4) Fertilizer stores.
5) Damp resistant floors.
 ) Railway Platform. 
7) Nuclear processing areas.

c)  Polymer concrete 

Polymer concrete is an aggregate bound with a polymer binder instead of cement. The commonly used polymer binders are MMA, Styrene and polyester styrene ,methanol etc.

d) The Partially impregnated and surface coated concrete 

This types of concrete is produced by initially, soaking the dried specimen in liquid monomer then sealing and keeping them under hot water at 70° C.

Use of partially impregnated and surface coated concrete

It is best suited where the major requirements are surface resistance against chemical and mechanical attack in addition to strength increase.

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