Monday, 12 March 2018

Necessity of Pumping Sewage and Requirements Of a Good Sewage Pump

Necessity of pumping sewage 

 Pumps are required for sanitary works for the following purposes:
1) To lift the sewage of low lying area and throw it into the sewer at higher level.
) To lift the sewage of the basement of large commercial building for the purpose of disposing the same.3) To facilitate the treatment process of sewage
4) To lift the sewage from outfall sewer to treatment plant or river,when the outfall sewer is at low level.
5) When the area is flat, pumping of sewage is done at suitable interval to avoid expensive excavation.6) When a sewer has to cross a ridge or obstruction, then it may be economical to pump the sewage instead of driving a tunnel.   

Requirements Of a Good Sewage Pump

Following are the requirements of a good sewage pump
) It should be capable to pump the sewage up to required elevation.
) It should be capable to pump the required quantity of sewage even in emergency period.3) It should be reliable

4) It should not be corroded by the inorganic and organic wastes of the sewage 5) It should be cheap in initial cost and maintenance cost.6) It should not be damaged or clogged by the sewage matters. 
7) The pump must allow fluctuation of flow