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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Precipitation and types of precipitation


The water which come back to the surface of the earth in its various forms like rain,snow,hail, called precipitation . A major part of the precipitation occurs in the from of rain and a minor part of the precipitation occurs in the form of snow .Other forms of precipitation such as hail,sleet,mist,etc,are very small and generally ignored.

Types of precipitation

Cyclonic precipitation :

 It is of following two types

1.frontal type: front is a boundary joining warm moist air mass resulting in the precipitation of moist air mass.

2.Non frontal type: in this cold air mass moves whereas moist air mass is stationary.

Convective precipitation :

It is caused due to upward movement of the air that is warmer than its surroundings . generally it occurs in tropics,where on a hot day ground surface gets unequally heated causing the warmer air to lift up and colder air comes to replace it.At higher altitudes its gets cooled and precipitates.

Orographic precipitation: 

When moving warm air is obstructed by some barriers such as mountain,the moist air mass finds its way upwards where it gets cooled and precipitates.

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