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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

Portland Slag Cement (P.S.C)

Portland slag cement is obtained by mixing Portland cement clinker, gypsum and granulated blast furnace slag in suitable proportions and grinding the mixture to get a thorough and intimate mixture between the constituents.

1. The fineness value of P.S.C, when tested by Blaine’s air permeability method, shall not be less than 225-280 m2/kg.

2. The expansion value (i.e. soundness) of Un aerated cement when tested by Le-Chaelier method shall not be more than 10 mm and when tested by autoclave method shall not be more than 0.8%. 

3. The initial setting time of 53 grade O.P.C shall not be less than 30 minutes.d Slag Cement (P.S.C):-

4. The final setting time of 53 grade O.P.C shall not be more than 600 minutes. ENT                 


( a ) Reduced heat of hydration;
( b ) Refinement of pore structure
( c ) Reduced permeability;
( d ) Increased resistance to chemical attack.
(e) Increasing strength and durability


1. Strength gain is slow
2. In cold weather condition, the low heat of hydration of slag cement coupled with moderately low rate of strength development can lead to frost damage


1. Producing concrete blocks with slag cement
2. Slag cement in high-performance concrete.
3. Producing pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete with slag cement.
4. Slag cement in concrete pavements.
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